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Holedesign started up in 1999 with the furniture system called “L1”, named and numbered as Lars Ernst Hole´s first furniture system. This furniture system has also been the cornerstone of our designs.  At the same time we have developed a number of other types of furniture and design items with a wide variety of materials and expressions. We focus on being environmental friendly and use sustainable materials such as solid wood, metals and stone. The idea is to create products, which has a long life span both in design and quality.



The core values ​​of Holedesign are materiality, playfulness and craftsmanship. You will find a reference to this in all our products. The craftsmanship is expressed in the products made ​​by our Norwegian manufacturers, with a passion for furniture and a high knowledge about the materials. The playfulness is shown through the unexpected and contrasting elements in our products. The combination of these values ​​are the basis for creating sustainable products.


Holedesign are hooked on woodwork – furniture and interiors with the use of wood. Our furniture production is based on traditional production methods, and we believe the wood material should be used in different types of interiors. The warmth of the wood adds something extra, especially in today’s hectic society where we want to have a reference to the nature.




Since our beginning we have worked with various types of metal, both in combination with wood and as separate design products. To begin with it was most stainless steel and aluminum. In the recent years, we have worked extensively with black steel, brass and copper.


We have been thrilled with all the wonderful marble types that exist. We have recently started to integrate different types in our design. We have used marble on some tables, various shelving units and disk systems.




Corian is a composite material that we have been very excited about over the years due to the possibility of processing the material, for example bending, milling, seamless joints, transmission of light, quality and tactility. We have used Corian in lighting products to tables, benches, disks, shelves and various bathroom and kitchen units.


Holedesign focus on details and offers customized solutions in detail down to hinges and screws. Small details lift the entirety and add the product materiality.